Tools and Utilities

Details of various tools and utilities associated with software development

  • Sphinx

    Sphinx is a tool to generate documentation for software projects and was originally developed to document the Python programming language.

  • Pandoc

    Pandoc is a universal document converter for converting from one markup format into another.


  • The Big Idea

    One of my first Blogs: The Big Idea was written on (now in 2006 under the pseudonym ResearchDirect with the Author Researcher. It has been transcribed to here for archival purposes.

  • Mick's SIGGRAPH 2006

    A report on Mick's trip to SIGGRAPH in 2006

  • Fingernail View

    On mobile touch devices, a "fingernail view" can be used to display the area of the screen under the finger as the finger moves across the screen

  • Research in Pictures

    A snapshot of Research work with Input/Output devices.

  • Bytes

    A scrapbook of bit and pieces.

Members Only

Items available to members only.

  • 3D CAD on the Web

    An investigation into 3D on the Web or How to implement a 3D CAD System on the Web.

  • 3DVIA Studio

    A report on 3DVIA Studio from Dassault Systemes

  • Adaptive

    The Adaptive Keyboard project is about using an adaptive keyboard created by the Hardware division at Microsoft.

  • Augmented Reality

    Applications that involve the overlay of virtual imagery on the real world

  • BCI devices

    This project examines how the current available technology can be used to provide an alternative input mechanism for driving software applications

  • Cambridge University (notes)

    Notes of discussions with Cambridge University

  • Concepts

    A collection of new ideas and concepts

  • Dear Diary

    A day to day diary from June 2007 to July 2008

  • Diary 2

    A day to day diary started but never finished.

  • Gadgeteer

    The Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer is a rapid prototyping platform for small electronic gadgets and embedded hardware devices currently under development at Microsoft Research.

  • Glossary

    A general Glossary of terms used in Computing

  • Hacks

    Useful Hacks and Code Snippets

  • Hardware I/O Devices Report

    A report on various hardware i/o devices from 2008

  • Intelligent Glass

    Intelligent Glass explores projector(s), diffuser film and touch film and how they can be used to produce a CADstation and other potential devices

  • Interactivity

    This report examines advances in User Interface devices and techniques, both for Input and Output which will contribute to the design and implementation of the future Human/Computer interaction.

  • The iPad

    A project exploring how to use the iPad as an adaptive input device for desktop applications

  • The Kinect Sensor

    Examining different ways of using the Kinect device for software applications

  • Book of Knowledge

    KnowledgeBase. A wiki-based collection of items covering DIY (handyman) jobs, my work history, Ideas, projects, code snippets etc.

  • Leonar3do

    Exploring the capabilities of Leonar3do which provides you with all the necessary hardware and software to extend your PC into a complete desktop VR system. It combines 3D Sterescopic viewing with a novel input device to allow you to work in a 3D environment.

  • Mac OS X on the DEll Mini9

    Is it possible to install Mac OS X (Leopard) on the Dell Mini9?

  • Pivot from Microsoft Labs

    This Journal reports on Pivot, a Microsoft Live Labs project that tries to make it easier to interact with massive amounts of data located either on the Internet, or on a local machine, using a visual tool.

  • Play SolidWorks

    Exploring the use of Game Controllers as an I/O device for driving CAD programs such as SolidWorks

  • Rendering Challenge

    My entries to a challenge to come up with the best rendering using various software packages. I was using Maxwell Render 1.1 from Next Limit

  • Robotics

    Explore concepts and ideas for a suitable mini-project.

  • Software as a Service

    Preliminary research report examining providing SolidWorks as a Service

  • Silverlight

    Silverlight was a development tool, developed by Microsoft, for creating engaging, interactive user experiences for Web and mobile applications and intended as a competitor and alternative to Adobe Flash. This report covers comments related to the initial releases from the Beta version of Silverlight 1.0 through to Silverlight 1.1 which I was working with in 2007

  • Solido 3D printer

    All about the 3D Printer from Solido

  • Microsoft Surface Table

    A report covering the Summer of Surface - devloping applicatio n for the (original) Microsoft Surface (Table)

  • Research Wiki

    A re-formatted version of my original Research Wiki from 2004 to 2008.

  • Virtools

    Everything related to Virtools and associated technology

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